The Midwest Region is trying something new – Felines Nines. To encourage entries in Midwest Region shows, we are establishing a loyalty program: for every nine entries the region will pick up the tab for the 10th entry (up to $50). This will be done by issuing rebates after every 10 entries.


1. Felines Nines recording period will begin with the Mo-Kan show in Lenexa, Kansas on November 2, 2019 and continue through the end of the show season April 30, 2020.

2. After nine paid entries in Midwest Region shows, the Region will pay you a rebate of $50 for your 10th entry. For example, if you enter four cats in one show and five cats in the next show, your tenth entry is paid by the region up to $50. Then you can start all over again.

3. All exhibitors, regardless of their home region, who are entered in Midwest Region shows are eligible.

4. Midwest Region will send the rebate of $50 for the 10th cat entry directly to the claiming exhibitor, once eligibility is confirmed by the Program Chairperson.

5. Cats with multiple owners will only count once and will be based on the exhibitor entering the cat. It is the responsibility of the owners to determine who will receive payment for the 10th entry.

6. Claim forms may be downloaded from the Midwest Region web site and submitted once the tenth entry is paid for and verified. You are not limited to how many claims you can submit within the stated time period.

7. Claims for Felines Nines must be made in writing to Chris Crane, 12117 S Andrew Sapp Road, Ashland MO 65101 or by email at christinacrane63@gmail.com.

PDF Claim Form