2013 – Alex Emory


Junior Cat Fancier Spotlight Award Winner – 2013

This is something new for the Midwest Region. It isn’t an “every year” award, but a special award, presented when appropriate.

One of the requirements for every show is having ring stewards. I think we all know that this is hard work and requires dedication and stamina. Occasionally someone comes along who not only shows this dedication, but takes it many steps further by stewarding in two or more rings when needed, teaching the ropes to new stewards, assisting clerks, and always performing her job with a smile on her face.

The first recipient of this award is a young lady who has shown this dedication and more, over her three years of association with the cat fancy. She is also the reason this award has been established.

Growing up in St. Louis, as part as Marygrove’s residential program, then in foster homes, this young lady first fell in love with cats when she befriended a Maine Coon lookalike, Jazzy, who lived in Marygrove’s administration building for 20 years. When Jazzy crossed the rainbow bridge, Sister Helen, head of Marygrove, decided to adopt two Maine Coons, and show them. Realizing she needed assistance, Sister Helen thought this particular, cat-loving young lady, would be a good “show companion”.

And what a great decision that was, not only for this young lady, who now attends regular high school, has plans to attend college, and has overcome so many obstacles in her young life, but for the cat fancy, and our Midwest Region. Our award winner this year is not only a dedicated worker, she wants to attend a clerking school, and one day soon, would like to have her own show cat (she’s currently learning about all the different breeds and talking to exhibitors when she isn’t scrubbing cages). This young lady is truly the future of the cat fancy. This young lady is Alex Emory.