2019 – Nancy Hitzeman

One of the little known programs of CFA is the Breeder Assistance and Breed Rescue Program. This program helps breeders and catteries in times of need beyond their control. “Confidential” is a key word to this program, and part of the reason it is not better known.

The Breeder Assistance program was developed in the Midwest Region and has now been combined with the Breed Rescue Program, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization that serves breeders and their cats throughout the country. Assistance may include advice, physical help, placement or foster care. Another important element is providing food and supplies for a period of time. This part of the program is referred to as the Food Pantry.

In 2016, the positions of Food Pantry Chair and Breeders Assistance Chair were separated. Nancy Hitzeman accepted the Food Pantry Chair duties and has served in that capacity since that time. She efficiently works with Regional Coordinators, the Breeders Assistance Chair, and the breeders in need to provide the necessary food and supplies. She does this behind the scenes and unless you have needed help, you are likely unaware of the work she does.

Thanks, Nancy, for the work you do and the help you provide.