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Welcome to CFA's Midwest Region 6

Description: Description: Kathy Calhoun, Regional DirectorWelcome to CFA Region 6: CFA's Midwest Region is a geographical division within CFA, the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. Our region includes Canada (East of the Western border of Manitoba and West of the 90th meridian), Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas (North of the 38th Parallel), Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
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Web site Information: Please see information about our REGIONAL AWARDS ACTIVITIES. On our website we have included information pertinent to the Midwest Region with contact phone numbers and emails on the MIDWEST REGION INFORMATION page. News related to exhibiting and shows can be found on the NEWS page. The Midwest Region shows are on the SHOW SCHEDULE page. A feature on the Show Schedule page includes flyers of the shows with online entries, when available, and SHOW COUNTS. We have also listed our CLUBS, an EMAIL DIRECTORY, Region VENDORS. Of course, no site would be complete without photos of our winning regional and national kitties on the TOP CATS page (1999-2013), MIDWEST REGION AWARD WINNERS and PHOTOS taken at shows in our area, so please email digital jpgs to the webmaster for inclusion on the Regional web site. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Midwest Region.

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ABOVE in the Banner:: (from left) GC, GP, RW, NW BOBERAN'S DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE, 2013 BEST PREMIER, photo taken and copyrighted by Larry Johnson, GC, BW, RW, NW TRUEBRIT ST LOUIS BLUE OF OZ CREEK, 2013 Best CAT, photo taken and copyrighted Larry Johnson; GC, NW PURRTEK RIESLING, 2013 Best Kitten; photo taken and copyrighted by Chanan Photography.