Rothman Award

At the conclusion of every show season, each CFA Region and Division shall select one person residing within their Region or Division to be recognized as their “Exhibitor of the Year.” The recipient of Exhibitor of the Year award shall be a Midwest Region exhibitor who demonstrates CFA involvement by exhibiting regularly, being involved in show production and promoting the region and its clubs. This person should exemplify good sportsmanship, be a team player and represent CFA well to new exhibitors and spectators.

In 2011, Regional Director Alene Shafnisky renamed the Exhibitor of the Year Award. She said, “Our Exhibitor of the Year award has always honored the exhibitor who has gone above and beyond in doing almost any aspect of showing – promoting CFA, helping our Midwest Region clubs and shows, showing sportsmanship and gratitude, and being a better person overall. The personification of this award, for me, has always been Earl Rothman, and from this year forward it will be known formally as the Earl Rothman Memorial Exhibitor of the Year, but known colloquially as the Rothman Award.”

In 2014, Regional Director Kathy Calhoun again changed the name of the Exhibitor of the Year Award to “The Rothman Award”.  After losing Gail, it was very apparent that both Gail and Earl Rothman were the examples of the exhibitors we all strive to be every weekend.  Honoring their memories with this award named after them is the perfect way to ensure their gentle spirits, good sportsmanship, and love for the Midwest Region are never forgotten.

Rothman Award Winners

2020 – Matt Abner & Joanna Contreras
2019 – Sister Helen Negri
2018 – Cary Plummer
2017 – Lucy Drury
2016 – Pam & Rick DeGolyer
2015 – Diane Wagner
2014 – Cathy Dunham
2013 – Bobbie Weihrauch
2012 – John Bierrie
2011 – Nancy Hitzeman
2010 – Robin Bryan
2009 – Betty Rednour