2009 – Betty Rednour


Midwest Region Exhibitor of the Year Award – 2009

The recipient of this year’s Midwest Region Exhibitor of the Year Award is Betty Rednour. Betty has shown her Ultramotion Oriental SHs for 15 years. People who travel and exhibit with Betty say: Need a grooming aid, ask Betty. Need a med for your cat, ask Betty. Need any kind of show supply, ask Betty. I’ve been told that it’s amazing how much stuff she can carry in her small tack totes. But the great thing about Betty is how accessible and helpful she is to anyone who asks or to anyone she just happens to see in need of something.

Betty is the type of quiet person who just does things and makes no big deal about it. Her kind and gentle manner when speaking to new people in the fancy, no doubt has left many a new exhibitor over the years with a positive image of CFA. Her patience with spectators is exemplary. People benched by her have seen this many times over, but it may go unnoticed by most.

Betty is also a worker not a looker-on. She is one of the founding members of Midwest TGIF Fanciers, has been co-show manager of most of their shows, and is a current club officer. In the days when we had regional Qualifier Shows, Betty was always there to help with setup. She’s been present and active during setup for most regional fund-raising shows and she supports the regional raffles. If photos are taken of exhibitors at Midwest Region shows, you’ll more than likely see Betty’s face in at least one of them. She has always actively supported Midwest Region shows!

The Midwest Region is pleased to award Betty with the region’s Exhibitor of the Year Award because, in her quiet unassuming way, she truly does exemplify all the traits of a good exhibitor.