Show Schedule

The Midwest Region offers almost a show weekly somewhere in its 10 states or Canada. Exhibitors travel miles to enjoy the camaraderie found in the show hall and to experience the thrill of championing or granding their special feline. Please check out specific show information.

Show Personnel: Please mail a flyer to the webmaster.

Show Season 2023 -2024

New Regional Shows in Red

May – 2024
World Wide Feline Fanciers – Lawrenceburg, IN

June – 2024
Jun 15-16 Midwest Regional Show, Springfield, MO
Regional Banquet

July – 2024

August – 2024
Midwest TIGF – Gray Summit, MO
Topeka Cat Fanciers- Gardner, KS

September – 2024
American Gothic Cat Club – Peoria IL
Twin City Cat Fanciers – St. Paul, MN

October – 2024
Lucky Tomcat/Tigers Lair – Springfield, IL
Indy Cat Club – Danville, IN

November – 2024
Mo-Kan Cat Club – Lenexa, KS
Regional Fund Raiser Show, Joliet, IL
Frontier Feline Fanciers – Gardner, KS

December – 2024
Show Me Cat Fanciers – Neosho, MO

January – 2024
Saintly City Cat Club – St. Paul MN

February – 2024
Hawkeye Cat Club & Wild Rose Cat Club – Des Moines, IA
Lincoln State Cat Club – Wheaton IL

March – 2024
Illini Cat Club – Champaign, IL
Mo-Kan Cat Club – Lenexa, KS
Cat Springs Irregular and Russian Blue Fanciers – Muncie, IN
Tornado Alley, Gardner, KS

April – 2024
Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club – Waukesha WI
Show Me Cat Fanciers, Neosho, MO
Lucky Tomcat – Springfield, IL

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