Spotlight Award

At the conclusion of every show season, each CFA Region and Division shall select one person residing within their Region or Division to be recognized as their “Cat Fancier of the Year.” The recipient of this award shall be someone with a minimum of seven years in the cat fancy who has given outstanding service to CFA in any capacity. Current or former CFA judges and current or former CFA Board Members are not eligible for this award.

Each Regional Director and International Division Chair is responsible for seeing that an individual is named for this award and honored in some manner at the regional or divisional awards banquet. The selection itself may be made by the Regional Director or Division Chair, by a committee designated to oversee the selection or by any other means deemed appropriate.

All individuals who receive the “Cat Fancier of the Year” award shall be honored in the annual CFA Spotlight Award feature in CFA publications.

Spotlight Award Winners

2020 – Jon & JoAnn Brubacher
2019 – Janet Marr
2018 – Joyce Kempf
2017 – Kim Sieving
2016 – Allene Keating
2015 – Terry Bierrie
2014 – Bobbie Weihrauch
2013 – Cathy Dunham
2012 – Brian Tripp
2011 – Sharon McKenzie
2010 – Gail Rothman
2009 – Mark McKenzie
2008 – Monte Phillips
2007 – Beth Cassely
2006 – Earl Rothman
2005 – Kay Janosik
2004 – Linda Mercer