2012 – Brian Tripp


Midwest Region Spotlight Award- 2012

The Spotlight Award seeks to reward someone active in long term involvement of CFA, someone who is always looking to improve and promote the fancy, our clubs and our Region. This year’s winner began as so many of us do – with a pet that had a CFA pedigree. In a breed that required some new breeders to improve its genetic health, he was asked by the breeder if he might consider having a litter or two, and a wonderful new breeder and exhibitor was born.

Brian Tripp is from the Minneapolis area, meaning that to support Regional shows often means a long drive from home, and Brian does it. He has also been vital to the Minnesota shows in the Midwest Region, as well as efforts to help assist clubs to bring Regional shows back to Wisconsin. He is a positive force and a smiling face; he works hard for clubs he isn’t a member of. Brian is a wonderful clerk, ambassador, and breeder who is a tremendous asset to the MWR. His lovely breeding program has just produced his first DM, demonstrating it isn’t only exhibiting that he excels at.

Brian’s infectious smile, never ending enthusiasm, and positive “can-do” attitude have had a tremendous effect on the clubs in the region. It is always a joy to run into Brian at a show, and clubs always know that if he’s there, he will fill any need they have. The Midwest Region is proud to name Brian Tripp as our Spotlight Award winner for 2012.