Regional Email Directory

E-mail addresses: Please check to see if you are included in the directory and if your e-mail address is correct and works. If not, please e-mail the correct address. Also, if you change e-mail addresses, please send a correction the Webmaster.

Adkison, Larry – MO email:

Aeschlimann, Janice – IL email:

Alexander, Leann – IN email:

Alitz, Lonnie – IA email:

Amundson, Gary and Melody – IL email:

Auth, Mary – IL email:

Avina, Tina – MO email:

Baker, Linda Mae – MN email:

Barthelemy, Maureen – IN email:

Batt, Colleen – IN email:

Batterson, Mary – NE email:

Baturin, Gene and Marci – IL email:

Baumann, Dennis and Gloria – WI email:

Benson, Kim- IN email:

Benter, Ray and Sandy – IA email:

Berlin Paul- IL email:

Bishop, Beth – MO email:

Bloom, Betsy- WI email:

Bloomquist, Sue – MN email:

Bohacheff, Kathy – WI email:

Borner, Debbie – NE email:

Boroff, Eugene – IA email:

Bowles, Diana – IL email:

Bowman, Patsy – IN email:

Bradder, Kelley – IA email:

Brchan, Rodene- NE email:

Brock, Steve – IA email:

Brown, Roger and Nancy – NE email:

Browning, Cindy – MO email:

Brubacher, Jon and JoAnn – WI email:

Bruestle, Linda and Greg – MN email:

Bruner, Bob and Debbie – MN email:

Brush, Barbara- IN email:

Bryan, Robin – IL email:

Bullock, Ron and Judy – WI email:

Burnett, Cynthia – MO email:

Bynum, Kate – IN email:

Calhoun, Kathy – IL email:

Cartwright, Jane – IL email:

Chapman, Patricia – MO email:

Chmelar, Lynne – IA email:

Christianson, Dale – WI email:

Clark, Christina – IA email:

Clark, Lisa – NE email:

Collins, Christa- IN email:

Crowley, Angela-Marie – MN email:

Cruse, M. Christina – IA email:

Czernik, Tina- IL email:

Davis, Roseann – IA email:

Deef, Linda – MN email:

DeGolyer, Rick and Pam – IN email:

DeLadi, Sue- MN email:

Determan, Sharon- SD email:

Dhir, Anni – MN email:

Dinesen, Cathy and Jim – KS email:

Dodd, Angie- IA email:

Doetker, Judy- NE email:

Drury, Ed and Lucy – MO email:

Dunham, Catherine – IL email:

Dunn, Dianne- MN email:

Dursky, Deb- IA email:

Edwards, Anne – MO email:

Edwards, D. Ray – MO email:

Ellingson, Clover- ND email:

Ellis, Brenda- MO email:

Erickson, Dar – MN email:

Ewing, Malinda and Eric – IN email:

Eyestone, Sheree F. – IL email:

Ezop, Jim – IL email:

Fajardo, Jeffery- KS email:

Farber, Bob- IA email:

Fengel, Carol- IA email:

Fisher, Linda – MO email:

Forrer, Faith – WI email:

Fox, Rhonda- KS email:

Frenzel, Beverly- IL email:

Wall-Garrard, Sandra (Sam) – KS email:

Garton, Rev. Gena M.- WI email:

Gebhard, Nancy- IN email:

Gray, Caron – WI email:

Grendell, Melanie- IN email:

Guiher-White, Carla – KS email:

Hanson, Kim and Erica – IN email:

Harding, Carol – WI email:

Hargadine, Vaga – MO email:

Hensley, Karla and Rachel – IL email:

Hermance, Ellen – MO email:

Hitzeman, Nancy – MO email:

Hovden, Claudia and Alex – IA email:

Icenogle, James – IL email:

Inman, Patrick and Jonna – KS email:

Jackson, Candilee – MO email:

Jackson, Ken and Angie – IL email:

Jarboe, Mary- MO email:

Jensen, Lois- IN email:

Johnson, Dee- MN email:

Johnson, Donna L.- KS email:

Johnston, Bob and Sandy -KS email:

Jones, Mary- WI email:

Jones, Pam- IN email:

Jones, Tracie and James – MN email:

Karraker, Mary – WI email:

Keating, Allene – KS email:

Kempf, Joyce – KS email:

Kiiskila, Candy – WI email:

Kramanak, Maureen – KS email:

Laffin, Judy – IN email:

Lane, Victoria – IL email: VSLANE@HEWITT.COM

Lukken, Tom – NE email:

Lucke, John – IN email:

Machado, Glenna L- IL email:

Marsh, Dayle – IL email:

Maser, Joanne and Dennis – MN email:

McClain, Greg – IA email:

McConnell, Cheryl – IA email:

McCreary, Holly – MO email:

McIlrath, Karen and Tom – WI email:

McIntyre, Mary – WI email:

McKenzie, Mark and Sharon – MO email:

Meyer, Carole – NE email:

Meyer, Michelle – NE email:

Migut, Ila and Tom – IL email:

Miller, Bob and Jan – IL email:

Miller, Celeste – IA email:

Miller, Charles and Linda – KS email:

Miller, Simone – IA email:

Miller, Stephanie – NE email:

Miller, Sydney – IA email:

Miller, Willow – IA email:

Minnemann, Heather – IN email:

Mitchell, Alexis – KS email:

Moehlman, Joanne – KS email:

Morris, Sandie – MO email:

Morris, Terri – NE email:

Myers, Kay – NE email:

Nangle, Jeanne – MO email:

Nelson, Scott and Margie – IL email:

Nichols, Jack – NE email:

Niner, Kimberly J. – IL email:

Nydegger, Janine – IL email:

O’Shea, Terri – KS email:

Parks, Yvonne – WI email:

Paruzynski, Allyson – IL email:

Parvin, Sheila – WI email:

Patton, Paul – IL email:

Pavlovszky, Maria – IN email:

Pearson, Brian – MO email:

Pelham, Connie – KS email:

Petersen, Linda – IA email:

Petersen, Nancy – IA email:

Peterson, Victory – IA email:

Petracich, Becki – KS email:

Phelps, Sherrie – MO email:

Phillips, Monte – IL email:

Pitelka, Janice – IL email:

Plantz, Kathy – IN email:

Plummer, Cary – IL email:

Poe, Eva Marie – IN email:

Powell, Gary G. – MN email:

Primmer Randy – IA email:

Prucha, Carolyn – IA email:

Rampke, Jessie – IN email:

Rankin, Gene and Katherine – WI email:

Rauscher, Brenda – IL email:

Rednour, Betty and Jack – MO email:

Richardson, Augusta – KS email:

Richardson, Ed – KS email:

Rokicki, Roxann – WI email:

Rosas, Robert and Debbie – KS email:

Royer, Terry – IL email:

Sapp, Sally – IL email:

Sarges, Cheryl and Rob – MN email:

Savidge, K. Bonnie – IL email:

Schmidt, Lisa J. – NE email:

Scott, Karen and Charlie – IN email:

Scott, Sharon and Gil – MO email:

Shirk, Charlie – IL email:

Sholes, Ashley – IA email:

Sieving, Kim – IL email:

Singer, Jill – MN email:

Smith, Perry and Teri – IN email:

Smith, Margaret – IN email:

Sproelich, Nancy – WI email:

Staker, Lynn – IA email:

Steinbach, Darlene – WI email:

Stichnote, Allan and Julie – MO email:

Straka, Diane and Alan – MN email:

Strzalkowski, Ralph and Susan – IL email: STRAZKATZ@ATT.NET

Temple, Kerrie – MO email:

Tesdall, Mary Jane – IA email:

Thelander, Mary Jo – IL email:

Tholen, Kathie – IL email:

Thomas-Abbott, Nancey – IN email:

Thompson, Donna – MN email:

Thurman, Barbara – IA email:

Tichenor, Mary – MN email:

Tjeerdsma, Marsha – SD email:

Udomah, Melissa – MN email:

Vande Sande, Susan – WI email:

Van Polen, Lorraine – IA email:

Varney, MD, Dawn M. – KS email:

Wagner, Diane – MN email:

Wallace, Linda – MO email:

Wallenbrock, Patti – IN email:

Wash, Christine – IN email:

Watkins, Libby – IA email:

Weber, Diane and Scott – IL email:

Weber, Kevin – MO email:

Weese, James – MO email:

Weihrauch, Bobbie – MN email:

Wicks, Debbi – IN email:

Wilkerson, Earl – IN email:

Wilkins, Cynthia – IN email: MAINEKAT@ON-NET.NET

Willers, Ed and Lee – MO email:

Wilson, Jennifer L. – MN email:

Wilson, Jonelle – WI email:

Wood, Beverly – NE email:

Wray, Connie – NE email:

Yadron, Barb – IL email:

Zimmerman, Jill – IA email: