2010 – Robin Bryan


Midwest Region Exhibitor of the Year Award – 2010

This year the recipient of the Midwest Region Exhibitor of the Year Award is Robin Bryan. Robin could easily be the poster model for a CFA exhibitor. She is friendly to everyone and is a gracious winner. She even has a smile on her face when her cats do not win. Robin routinely supports our Midwest Region Shows. It is rare to go to a local show that she does not attend.

When Robin became aware of a genetic disease in the European Burmese, she researched the disease and contacted an expert who designed a test which has served to help eradicate the problem. Robin arranged for the expert to conduct a seminar at the annual to familiarize breeders with this disease; and, he also discussed the type of DNA testing needed so breeders could eliminate it from the European Burmese gene pool.

The Midwest Region is pleased to make Robin Exhibitor of the Year Award because, in her quiet unassuming way, she exemplifies all the traits of a good exhibitor and breeder.