2013 – Bobbie Weihrauch


Midwest Region Exhibitor of the Year Award – 2013

When considering the requirements of the Rothman Award, the recipient of Exhibitor of the Year award shall be a Midwest Region exhibitor who demonstrates CFA involvement by exhibiting regularly, being involved in show production and promoting the region and its clubs. This person should exemplify good sportsmanship, be a team player and represent CFA well to new exhibitors and spectators…

In 2013, the Midwest Exhibitor of the year is Bobbie Weihrauch. Bobbie has certainly been a great sportsman and role model. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others in the region, in her breed and in CFA as a whole is unsurpassed. She has shown her breed to well-deserved wins and traveled far and wide to do so. But this year, Bobbie even surpassed her own high standards with the creation of the Midwest Challenge. The Midwest Region’s Exhibitor of the Year / Innovator of the Year challenged our Midwest clubs to support the region in a big way! As a result of her efforts and the participating clubs, the Midwest Regional Awards were 100% sponsored! Thinking outside of the box, motivating, influencing and working hard for CFA make Bobbie the clear favorite for this award. Please join me in congratulating Bobbie Weihrauch, breeder of Korats, owner of Korat Cats, as the Midwest Region’s Exhibitor of the Year.