2016 – Lucy Drury


This is an award that was started by Regional Director, Kathy Calhoun; to honor individuals within the region that have gone above and beyond the call of friendship, regional needs or any other area that is considered going out of ones way to make sure the needs of the region or another individual are taken care of. This is not a yearly award.

This year we have another individual and a company to highlight. This year the a brand new, beautiful website was produced for the Midwest Region. The work to create this website was no small feat! It’s creation was over 6 months in the making! The website is fast and filled with content, with more things being added every week! But we could not have gotten to this point without the efforts of an additional individual who volunteered and played Sherlock Holmes with our old website.

So tonight, in recognition of website maintenance and website development I would like to recognize Lucy Drury, Cathy Dunham and Sunflower Development Solutions for going above and beyond!