2014 – Cindy Willoughby


Midwest Region Humanitarian Award – 2014

The humanitarian award is not an annual award .  The recipient of the Humanitarian award should be someone in the Midwest Region who goes above and beyond for the region, and/or CFA, for their breed or cats in general. Their contributions can be in veterinary medicine, research, legal arena, rescue, breed rescue, or someone who represents or promotes CFA and/or the region in a very positive light. This is NOT an annual award but rather a way to recognize a person that we can all benefit from knowing.

It takes a special kind of person to reach out to help a cat or any animal in need over and over again.  This person has been responsible for saving the lives of countless cats and kittens in area shelters and bringing attention to homeless cats by exhibiting them in numerous shows to heighten public awareness and find homes for the homeless.

It is this fine work that goes above and beyond and not only helps CFA – it helps Cats everywhere.  Please join me with a standing ovation for Cindy Willoughby