Regional Certified Clerks

If you are a certified clerk and you are not listed or your contact information is incorrect, please contact the webmaster with the corrected listing.

Abbott, Nancey, Indiana (Master Clerk Instructor)
Abner, Matthew, Indiana
Baker, Linda Mae, Minnesota (Master Clerk Instructor)
DeGolyer, Pam, Indiana
DeGolyer, Rick, Indiana
Keating, Allene, Kansas
Koppel, Kadri, Kansas
Koppel, Siim, Kansas
McConnell, Cheryl A., Iowa
McKenzie, Sharon, Missouri
Phillips, Monte, Illinois (Master Clerk)
Phipps, Jeff, Missouri (Master Clerk)
Plummer, Cary, Illinois
Trantanella, Valori, Wisconsin
Weber, Kevin, Missouri (Master Clerk)