2017-2018 Distinguished Merit

CH Calumet Cats Fortune Of Dotdotdot, DM
Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Female
DOB: 7/23/2013 Confirmed: 8/5/2017
Ow: Roger-Nancy Brown
Br: Fran Volkman

GC Nepeta Moon Dragon, DM
Chocolate Point Siamese Female
DOB: 3/21/2015 Confirmed: 8/6/2017
Ow/Br: Patricia S Chapman

GC, RW Laureden Love Of Mipaws, DM
Blue Lynx Point Exotic Female
DOB: 11/24/2011 Confirmed: 8/19/2017
Ow: M Tjeerdsma-K Chandler
Br: Elena Harper Wood – H L Gonano

GC, BW, NW Samovar Nickleandime, DM
Russian Blue Male
DOB: 8/7/2004 Confirmed: 10/21/2017
Ow/Br: Gene-Marci Baturin

CH Inthewind Polka Dot, DM
Calico Persian Female
DOB: 6/21/2008 Confirmed: 3/24/2018
Ow/Br: Linda A Fisher

GC Tehy’S Summer Time Blues Of Topknot, DM
Blue Persian Female
DOB: 11/23/2009 Confirmed: 4/14/2018
Ow: Kim Sieving
Br: Kelly Tanner – Terry Hyde